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Happy New Year!

Preparing for Small Business Saturday

Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday that gives the local retailer their day in the sun beside the big box stores and major e-commerce sellers. We have some ideas of preparing for Small business Saturday to help you take part in...

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Advertising on Facebook

Are you advertising on Facebook? Advertising on Facebook is gaining popularity for businesses – big and small. With over 1 billion users of all ages, its reach can’t be beat. A Facebook ad is an inexpensive way to target your customers based on location, age,...

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How To Respond To Online Reviews

Reputation management is a critical component of your businesses digital marketing strategy. This video "How to Respond to Online Reviews" by Metro Annex Interactive describes some simple steps to respond to both positive and negative reviews to maintain a positive...

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Using Colors in Marketing

Are you using colors in marketing? Most people don’t realize colors can have a major impact on the human mind. Certain colors can cause people to feel or think certain things. In marketing, it’s important to pay attention to these factors in order to make sure that...

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How a Business Can Use LinkedIn

Can your business use LinkedIn? LinkedIn is an online community of professionals who can link to other professionals or businesses in order to promote themselves or their business. Let’s look at ways of how a business can use LinkedIn. Create a LinkedIn Page First, a...

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Reputation Management: Updated for Instagram

What is it? Users of Reputation Management are now required to connect an Instagram business profile and complete a two-step process in order to retrieve Instagram mentions. Why is it important? Instagram has updated their API to require Facebook admin permissions...

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Social Marketing – Royalty Free Image Integration

What is it? As of October 18th, the Social Marketing composer now offers the option to add royalty-free images from Pixabay to posts. Why is it important? Posts with images perform significantly better than those without. Pixabay integration makes it easier to find...

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