advertising intelligence

What is it?

Users of Advertising Intelligence are now able to view a performance summary for their Facebook Ads account, together with their Google Ads account summary, within the Executive Report in Business Center.


Why is it important?

You and your clients can see what’s happening across all your digital marketing channels in one place. This allows you to quickly and easily get insights into which ads are performing well and cut down on overhead with automated reporting. By combining real time performance reporting across ad channels with unique sales data, you can keep your clients updated with their true ROI.

You are able to view:

  • ROI
  • Client spend
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Comparisons to a previous time period


How it works?

With Advertising Intelligence activated, connect your Facebook Ads account to the product. Go to the Executive Report in Business Center and select a time period. Under the “Advertising” section, there will be a subsection called “Facebook Ads”.

Here you are able to view the summary of both your Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns. Updated data in the Executive Report is populated every Sunday, starting the week when you connect an account.

Who gets it?

All Advertising Intelligence clients.