What is it?

Listing Sync Pro now offers enhanced proof of performance with a Partner Overview of listing errors for all accounts. In addition, users will be able to view improved reporting within Listing Sync Pro and the new Executive Report.

Why is it important?

Partners have the ability to quickly see an overview of any actions that need to be taken to fix errors and improve the performance of your listings. The overview will display a summary for all Listing Sync Pro accounts and provide quick access to remedy the errors.

Listing Sync Pro will show the status of each listing source that is syncing, as well as detailed notifications for errors that need to be addressed. This messaging will help you better understand what action can be taken to fix the error.

The new Executive Report will provide data on the number of sites that are syncing with the business listing, so you will be able to see the proof of performance of Listing Sync Pro. This section will also link to the product where the user will be able to view a sync status per source.

How does it work?

To see the Partner Overview for your account:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Marketplace > Discover Products > Listing Builder or Listing Sync Pro and click Admin Overview. You will see listing errors for all accounts, and in some cases, a description of actions that need to be taken.
  2. Click  to see a drop-down with the options Edit Info or View Status.
  3. Select Edit Info to continue to the Business Profile for that account and edit any listing information.
  4. Select View Status to continue to the new and improved Listing Sync table view. (*This new Listings table with error reporting is only accessible via the Admin Overview > View Status until January 21st). You will see any error notifications in the Sync Status column. Click on the error icon for details on why it is occurring and what type of action should be taken.

To exit the new reporting table and return to the original table you can simply navigate away from this page. To access the original table go to Listing Builder > Listing Sync.

You will also be able to view a summary of sites that are syncing with the business listing in Business Center > Executive Report. The Executive Report is populated every Monday, starting the week when you connect an account.

Select the Admin View button in the top right to see the overview of account errors

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is partner-overview-1024x287.png

The Admin Overview of all account errors. Here you can select Edit Info or View Status.

Listing Sync Pro new error reporting table. Available with Admin View.


Listings proof of performance in the new Executive Report

*Please note this common error that may surface for Listing Sync Pro Yext accounts:

You may see an error surface that states: Listing Sync is not available because you are a paid advertiser with this source.

This is to indicate that this business listing is being paid for through another service, whether that is paying the service directly or through a third party. We recommend your client reaches out to the service to inquire about the paid advertisement they currently have active. Once the paid advertisement is canceled, we will be able to sync that listing.

This is to indicate that this business listing requires input in the long description field in order to sync this listing.

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