Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday that gives the local retailer their day in the sun beside the big box stores and major e-commerce sellers. We have some ideas of preparing for Small business Saturday to help you take part in what is becoming an increasingly popular shopping day.

Small Business Saturday was first held on Nov. 27, 2010 in Massachusetts at the Roslindale Village business district. According to Small Business Computing, the event was sponsored by American Express to rally small business neighborhoods after the Great Recession.

It has been growing rapidly throughout the country in the years since. In 2015, more than 95 million consumers visited 1.3 million participating neighborhood establishments spending $16.2 billion for products and services.

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Whether you’re a brick and mortar store or online only, offers these tips for preparing for Small Business Saturday:

  1. Promote Early – Start promoting your business’s participation in Small Business Saturday a few weeks before the event. Download the Shop Small logo and place it in your store window or your website. Major retailers start early, you should, too.
  2. Ready Your Website – Make sure your website is mobile friendly, easily navigated, fast and can quickly process transactions. A small business with a successful online storefront has a great advantage. Check your site at to make sure it is optimized for mobile use.
  3. It’s All About the Customer – Small businesses have the advantage of connecting with their customers. Make customer service a priority. For most shoppers, the experience is just as important as the products their buying.
  4. Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels are a must to promote the event and info. Use #SmallBizSat or #ShopSmall hashtags on Twitter and Instagram for special offers or trending topics. The Small Business Saturday Facebook page has more than 3 million fans making it a great resource, says
  5. Be Specific – Customers are bombarded with sales and marketing incentives during the holiday season. Stand out by being specific on your website, social media posts and other marketing about what you’re offering and suggest products or services of interest. 
  6. Get your piece of the pie – Small business owners can get in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday action just as well as the big guys. You actually have an advantage by being a small business where you can reach out to customers in a more personal way. Segment your customer list. For example, send out a Cyber Monday offer to customers that usually deal with you online.

By preparing for Small Business Saturday will help you keep ahead of the competition.





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