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Complementary 30 minute Call.

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Complete Digital Media Audit & Strategy Session

We’ll conduct an analysis of existing social media assets, websites, search-engine results, and e-mail marketing programs. Then review our finding with you and provide you with a comprehensive Digital Media Strategy & Optimization Plan.

Our Comprehensive Digital Media Strategy & Optimization Plan is your personal roadmap for your community and brand interaction on the social web.

  • Analyze (Where you have been)
  • Review (Where you are today)
  • Recommend (Where you could be tomorrow)


Our analysis will show you exactly where you are now in relation to where you need to be in the future and provide the right solutions to get there. To be successful, you need an expert to conduct detailed social marketing research, create and design a social media optimization strategy, walk you through how to implement that strategy, measure and improve your results for maximum ROI.

Consumers are likely searching for you. Can they find you? What will their first impression be?

Our audit doesn’t just leave you with a written itinerary that is hard to understand. We show it to you! Follow up your audit with this one-hour review in-person (geography permitting) or web conference to discuss results of your audit and get all of your questions answered.

Strategic Planning Process:

  • Social Market Research – Auditing and detailed research information about the social brand name, competitors and target market interaction, culture and voice.
  • Collective Ideation – Setting the stage for your strategic plan through collective ideation and best practices.
  • Social Plan Development – Here is the meat and potatoes. You are provided with a map for developing brand interactions on the social web. We show you how to optimize and implement this strategy to increase awareness and get achievable business results.
  • Measurement and Improvement – There is an old business saying, “…you cannot manage what you don’t measure.” And you cannot improve something you don’t know is broken. As a very important part of our social media optimization and plan, we show you how to measure your results, know what to look for and how to improve the process.




We can help you get started marketing your business’ products and services online using Social Media, Websites, E-mail, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Video and more. Complementary 30 minute Call.

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