Are You Creating Business Listings to Market your Business?


One of the most crucial parts of an online marketing campaign is creating business listings. A local business listing contains such details as your business name, address and phone number. This online profile helps customers find your business in search results on the Internet.

Gone are the days of going through the Yellow Pages to look up a business. Today, customers search the Internet for products and services. In order to have a successful business in this digital age, it’s imperative that your company is listed on an online directory.

Business listings, or citations, can be found on many websites and online directories, the most popular being Google+ Local, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Internet Yellow Pages and Bing Places.

Each new listing becomes a new webpage where that business can be found. It also creates a link to the business website. This increases the places your business can be found by searches.

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The more places your business is listed increases the chances of your ranking in local searches. According to Vox Inc., over 70% of Internet searches are for local businesses. Having consistent and accurate directory information will increase your business’s ranking in search results.

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How is a Business Ranked?

Moz Inc. explains that links and citations are the two primary ways search engines find out about your business. The search engines consider the number of links that drive to your website as well as the number of websites where the links appear.

The search engines also track your business citations and the websites where they appear. The more links and citations your business has, the higher it will rank in search results. So, it’s vital to have your business name, phone number and address listed in as many places as possible.

What are Citations?

A citation is a mention of your business on a webpage other than your own, says Moz Inc. This would include an online directory, a chamber of commerce or a local business association website even if there is just a listing of your business name and contact information without a link to your site. Make sure your business title is consistent in all listings.

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The Top Business Directories

There are dozens of free places to list your business. Here are some of the top directories as suggested by

  • Google – This is where you can claim or add your listing to Google+, respond to reviews, place coupons or photos and check your analytics, according to Since there are some 6 billion searches on Google every day, this should be your top choice to list your business.
  • Yelp – This is the Internet’s top review site where consumers can post long, in-depth reviews. It’s important that businesses respond to reviews, whether their positive or negative.
  • Facebook – It’s the top social media site where over a billion users connect with family and friends. Users can refer your business directly to their connections. The Facebook mobile app is on three of every four smartphones.
  • CitySlick – This is a local business network that offers both free and paid advertising.
  • Mapquest – Shows your exact location and allows customers to get customized directions right to your door.
  • Bing – The second most visited search engine offers a business portal where you can manage your business listing.

Creating business listings should be at the top of the list of your online marketing plan. Listing your business on as many directories as possible gives your business credibility and authority.

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