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How To Respond To Online Reviews

Reputation management is a critical component of your businesses digital marketing strategy. This video “How to Respond to Online Reviews” by Metro Annex Interactive describes some simple steps for responding to reviews.  Responding to both positive and negative reviews will  maintain a positive reputation for your business. Online Review Response is critically whether it is a positive or negative review.

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Four Tips for Responding to Positive Reviews

  1. Thank the customer for their review.
  2. Mention your business name when responding so it will show up in search results.
  3. Do a little bit of marketing and mention the product or service the customer used so future customer will see it.
  4. Ask them to do something like come in again or spread the word about your business.

Four Tips for Responding to Negative Reviews

  1. Apologies to the customer for the poor experience and show sympathy.
  2. Do some marketing here as well and mention that this experience is not typical with your business so future customers see how you deal with issues.
  3. Keep your response short and sweet… and do not mention your business name so the review is less likely to show in search results.
  4. Take it off line by providing a contact and phone number so you can work with the customer to resolve the issue. You don’t want to air out your dirty laundry on the internet.

Remember, Online Review Response is critically whether it is a positive or negative review.

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