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8 Blog Article Tips

Did you know consistently posting a blog on your business website can generate leads and bring in more customers?

8 Tips For Creating Your Next Blog Article​ from Metro Annex Interactive


Did you know consistently posting a blog on your business website can generate leads and bring in more customers? It’s a must as part of today’s digital marketing.

Writing a blog is more than just jotting down some thoughts. It must follow a formula that includes keywords, concise content and adding links.

If this seems overwhelming, we can help! The infographic shows 8 simple steps to writing your next blog post. 

Why do you need a blog post? It gives you the opportunity to:

  • Promote your service or product
  • Provides content for social media posts
  • Give your business authority
  • Boost SEO
  • Ramp up traffic to your website
  • Engage customers

Get a jump start on your blog with our Blog Post Checklist! It’s a clear, simple, step-by-step list of how to write a professional, informative, enticing blog. The checklist also has some tips to help sharpen it up and draw in your reader!

Our checklist provides you with a simple and effective plan for your blog. Get it today!

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Mathew Phillips is an expert in digital marketing and lead generation services. Mathew has a passion for all things digital marketing from website design and search engine optimization to digital advertising, email marketing and social media.

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